Jenny Vallance

Hi, I’m Jenny.  I have been practicing yoga for over 30 years, which I now feel is a strange kind of blessing from my asthmatic childhood! For me, the practice of yoga is about continuously coming back to the joy and wisdom within our own bodies and within each new moment.

Jess Griffiths

Hi I’m Jess, I dream about spreading the power of Reiki. I believe every mother & child would benefit from receiving & learning Reiki, I’ve watched how it can help all kinds of dis-ease & I’m super passionate to show other mumma’s what I’ve learnt.

Kristy Graham

Hi and Welcome, my name is Kristy and I am the founder of Shine Yoga. I am passionate about empowering women with the tools they need to achieve not only a positive birthing experience but also a positive transition into motherhood and beyond.