Active Birth Workshop

Our Active Birth Workshop is designed for expectant mothers and their partners and/or birth support persons to attend in the lead up to birth.  During this 2 hour workshop you will gain a deeper understanding of the science behind birth – how your brain, hormones and uterus work together during labour. By having an understanding of this you are better able to hack into your body’s natural birthing and pain relieving hormones, such as oxytocin and endorphins.  When the brain, uterus and hormones work in harmony during labour you are more likely to have a shorter and less painful birth.

You will also learn and practice a variety of different techniques that you and your partner can use during labour to naturally manage pain and discomfort. You will learn techniques to help baby get into an optimal birthing position and how to best allow gravity to help baby move through the birthing canal. You will learn several relaxation, breathing and visualisation techniques to relax your body and mind, keeping you calm and focused during and in-between contractions.

Private Session for you and your partner/birth support person – $250 (2hr session)

 Skills you and your partner will gain during this workshop:

  • Active birth moves – ways to move your body during labour to ease discomfort and aid baby on his/her descent through the birthing canal.
  • How to use a birth ball and rebozo for comfort during labour.
  • Massage Techniques for your partner to use.
  • Hands on techniques for your partner to use – acupressure points, counter pressure and relaxations techniques.
  • Breathwork for all stages of labour – when your birth support person knows these techniques they are better able to support you during labour as they coach you and remind you to continue to breathe.
  • Visualisations and Meditations to calm your nerves, keep you focused and relaxed during labour.


Active Birth Workshops are delivered at the Brightwater Wellness Hub by appointment.

Please contact us here to arrange a time for a private workshop.


We recommend attending at least 1 of our Prenatal Yoga or Yoga for Birth Terms in addition to this Active Birth Workshop.  This will allow you more time to learn and get familiar with the breathing and relaxation techniques discussed during the workshop.

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