Pregnancy Pilates

5 WEEK TERM – $110

Monday 5:45pm Mooloolaba

Wednesday 9:30am Mooloolaba

Thursday 5:30pm Buderim

Our Pregnancy Pilates classes are a fun and effective way to stay fit and active during pregnancy.  Specifically designed with the pregnancy body in mind, our classes cater to complete beginners from 10 weeks gestation, all the way until birth.  Staying fit and active during pregnancy is one of the best things you can do to increase your chances of having a shorter, less painful labour, and quicker recovery post birth.

Classes are gentle and focus on strengthening and toning your core stabilising muscles, pelvic floor, upper and lower body, glutes and back muscles. Gentle stretches and mobility exercises are also included to combat many common aches and pains associated with the ongoing changes a pregnant woman’s body goes through with the growth of her baby.

Attending regular Pilates classes during pregnancy will enable you to build mental and physical strength needed during labour.   These classes will also teach you how to use your breath during labour to manage pain and stay calm and focused through each contraction.

Our classes are structured in 5 weeks terms, and suitable to continue attending term after term all the way throughout your pregnancy.  Each class offers a full body strength and mobility workout, with a different focus each week

Week One – Pilates foundations – how to safely exercise during pregnancy, maintain good posture and correct alignment throughout the class.  Diaphragmatic breathing – connecting with your core and pelvic floor.

Week Two – Full body workout , focusing on gently building leg strength and stability throughout the pelvis.

Week Three – Fully body workout, focusing on upper body, back, obliques and transverse abdominals.

Week Four – Fully body workout, focusing on mobility and balance throughout the entire body, especially the pelvis.  We explore a few different ways to move your body to open your pelvis in all directions.  Practising moves to use during labour to help encourage a smooth descent for your bub during birth.

Week Five – We work a little harder both physically and mentally this week, leaving you feeling strong and empowered for birth.


A few more benefits our specialised pregnancy pilates classes can offer;

  • IMPROVED POSTURE – as your belly grows, your weight shifts and often it is hard to maintain good posture.  Pilates classes will help to lengthen and strengthen tight and shortened muscles created due to poor posture.  You will gain strength and awareness in the muscles needed to help you maintain good posture throughout your pregnancy.
  • STRONGER CORE – your core undergoes massive stress and transformation during pregnancy and labour.  Learning how to effectively strengthen your deep core stabilising muscles has a huge effect on supporting your body during pregnancy, labour and into motherhood.  A strong core will help you achieve better posture and reduce back and pelvic pain.
  • BREATH AWARENESS AND CONTROL – learning how to breathe properly gives you more energy, it also helps to avoid putting excess strain and pressure on your pelvic floor and core.  Your breath will be one of your greatest assets during labour, providing you have learnt how to use it effectively.
  • REDUCED BACK AND PELVIC PAIN – stretching and strengthening all the muscles that are working hard to support your growing belly will have a huge effect on reducing back and pelvic pain.
  • REDUCED STRESS – moving your body and connecting with other women in a similar situation is a great way to reduce stress.  Our pilates classes will also help release tension and tightness in your back, neck and shoulders, which may have been created from stress.
  • STRENGTHEN YOUR BODY AND MIND FOR BIRTH –  Feeling physically fit as you approach your due date will have a huge impact on how you are feeling mentally as well.  Labour is called labour for a reason, it can be very taxing on your body and mind.  Pilates will help you gain the physical and mental strength you need to approach birth feeling strong, empowered and ready.
  • PELVIC FLOOR AWARENESS– learning how to work with your breath to tone and relax your pelvic floor is one of the best things you can do for yourself during pregnancy.  It encourages better posture, lessens back and pelvic pain, aids in a smoother birth and a better recovery post birth.
Pilates Class Prices

5 week term $110

Casual $27

Pilates + Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates are a magical combination together. For this reason we are offering a heavy discount if you would like to attend both a Pregnancy Yoga and a Pregnancy Pilates class each week.  Use the code YOGAPILATES at the checkout when booking both a yoga and pilates term to receive your discount.

5 week Pregnancy Pilates term only $85 when booking into a yoga term. Use code YOGAPILATES when booking to receive your discount.

Mondays in Mooloolaba Time
Term 3       13th May - 10th June 5:45pm - 6:30pm
Tuesdays in Mooloolaba Time
Term 3       8th May - 5th June 9:30am - 10:15am
Thursdays in Buderim Time
Term 3       18th April - 23rd May - No class on 25th April 5:30pm - 6:15pm
“I love the yoga-pilates combo. Your classes have such a good balance and makes my body feel so good with strengthening and stretching

Our Pregnancy Pilates classes are held at two locations in Buderim and Mooloolaba.

Terms and Conditions

Please choose wisely as classes are non refundable and non transferable.  Missed classes – if you are unable to make it to a class, you may be eligible for a make up class.  8 hours notice prior to the start of class is required to be eligible for a make up class.  Make up classes are to be used within the same term dates and can not be transferred over to the next term. Only one make up class is available per term and is subject to availability.  Classes are suitable to attend from 10 weeks gestation up until birth.