Jenny Vallance

I have been practicing yoga for over 30 years, which I now feel is a strange kind of blessing from my asthmatic childhood! For me, the practice of yoga is about continuously coming back to the joy and wisdom within our own bodies and within each new moment.

I completed my Yoga Teacher Training in New Zealand in 2014 and have dabbled in teaching ever since. Through pregnancy I became fascinated with the huge changes our wonderful bodies go through and to better support myself (and others) I embarked upon an additional 150 Hour Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training with the IYTA.

Now, as a mother of two young boys, my yoga looks completely different… and it moves on and off the mat in a totally new way. I value the way that yoga helps me find balance between strength and fluidity, movement and stillness, community and solitude, mindfulness and playfulness. My aim in teaching is to provide a safe and inviting space to explore natural movement and alignment principles, breath patterns and mindful connection to ourselves and the world around us.