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Hello There!
Is a green studio for holistic health and the arts. We offer classes for core strength, injury recovery and dance, including Zumba, Samba, Hip Hop and Ballet. We also open the space for art, performances and various workshops.

Our Plans

One month of unlimited yoga starts on your first visit. Enjoy access to our entire schedule.
$30/per month
Become a BeYoga Unlimited Member for $90/month and enjoy our unlimited yoga classes.
$80/per month
Mums and Bubs Yoga & Pilates

A fun and interactive class where you can stretch, strengthen, relax, connect with your baby and meet other mothers in the community.

Yoga for Birth

Focusing on helping women in their 3rd trimester prepare physically, emotionally and spiritually for birth.

Pregnancy Yoga

Stretch and strengthen your body.
Calm your mind.
Turn inwards to connect with your baby.


What People Say

Thanks again for all of your support during the pregnancy yoga classes, I really believe it made such a positive impact on my labour and birth experience.


Kristy has created a wonderfully warm and welcoming space for women and their babies. My baby and I look forward to Mums & Bubs Yoga every week. In the wild ride of motherhood, yoga with Kristy gives us the chance to slow down, connect and relax (and share a giggle with other mums). Bliss!


I honestly look forward to every class each week and will be continuing for as long as possible. Kristy you’ve created a beautiful space that I find to be supportive, nurturing and peaceful. Thanks for imparting your knowledge with us all.


Get Mobile Application & Do Yoga Online!

BeYoga Application
A great app for beginners, app gives users short sessions that they can fit in anywhere, anytime. Each pose includes an animated illustration plus instructions to make sure you’re training safely. They are perfect for when you feel crunched for time respectively.