Pregnancy Pilates Coolum

Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates Coolum

Join our 5 week Pregnancy Pilates term to feel great during your pregnancy and strong and empowered during birth.

Each week we offer a specific focus designed to give you all the tools you need to feel great during pregnancy and empowered for birth.

WEEK ONE – how to safely exercise during pregnancy, maintain good posture and correct alignment. Diaphragmatic breathing – connecting with your core and pelvic floor.

WEEK TWO – Full body workout , focusing on gently building leg strength and stability throughout the pelvis.

WEEK THREE – Fully body workout, focusing on upper body, back, obliques and transverse abdominals.

WEEK FOUR – Fully body workout, focusing on mobility and balance throughout the entire body, especially the pelvis. Birth Prep – learn how to move your body in ways to open your pelvis in all its directions.

WEEK FIVE – We work a little harder both physically and mentally this week, learning how to use your breath to breathe through discomfort.

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We are currently taking expressions on interest for Coolum Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates Classes.  Please click here to express your interest in Coolum Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates classes.